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We Are an Experienced Architectural Design Firm Located in South Jakarta

A few words about us

Mahar Architect is an architectural firm located in South Jakarta. During its establishment, Mahar Architect has produced several architectural works that are more dominant in the function of a residential house. This is in line with the need for housing for members of the community which is always growing all the time.

Residential house is the smallest building which has a big problem complexity. A country is a large residence. So that in order to plan a house to live, someone or a team is needed who are experts in their fields. That’s why we offer ourselves to help you in realizing the building you dreamed of.

However, we do not only handle architectural designs which are limited to residential functions. We have worked on commercial, social and military buildings such as mini markets, places of worship, offices, apartments, cafes and others. And we are grateful that these works are able to be of benefit to the owner, or more broadly to the general public.

Our team consists of selected people who are graduates from well-known universities in Indonesia, both with a Bachelor (S1) and also a Masters / Masters (S2) level. The products we provide are also complete architectural design products, ranging from design, design, design development, work drawings, and budget details. From the working drawing, it can also be used to obtain a Building Permit.

We look forward to the excitement of designing buildings with you!

Office : Jl. Benda Raya No. 54, Kemang. Jakarta Selatan

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Phone : +62-21-29122821

MAHAR architect.

Ir. Mahar, SH

Pria ramah dan berwibawa ini telah lebih dari dua dasawarsa menekuni dan berkiprah dalam Architecture Engineering berikut konstruksi dan development. kompetensi adalah Arsitek Profesional (non-biasa) dengan grade-A yang berizin resmi oleh negara, sehingga sah dan mampu untuk segala bangunan dan kompleksitasnya sampai bangunan tinggi/ lantai berlapis dan master plan kawasan diseluruh Indonesia.

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